Life With A Friesian Dream

Why a Friesian?

Ever Since I was a little girl, the Friesian breed had always fascinated me. I remember reading the horse magazine Wendy when I was around 10 years old and every time they had a Friesian horse in the magazine I was so happy! Every now and then they even had Friesian posters! I hang them all on my wall. I also remember a Halloween issue featuring the black pearls like it was yesterday. I read that issue 1000 times, haha! I was completely in love with the long manes, feathers, powerful movements and kind eyes. I watched hundreds of videos in YouTube and read so much about the breed. When I even had my own Piczo site (who remember Piczo?!) with a page for my dream horse on it – a black Friesian gelding of course!

I also drew Friesian horses. Hundreds of drawings featuring Friesians inn every envoirment possible with both English and western tack, haha! it’s very cute to look back on that now.

friesian drawing

The first time I saw a Friesian in real life, was on Oslo Horse Show ten years ago, I remember the entire performance so well! I had goosebumps all over. I was completely obsessed!

When my sister got her first own horse, I had no idea about what kind of horse I would look after myself. I was open to everything and looked at some warmbloods, but was not very impressed. I also tried a Norwegian coldblood trotter, but he was too small. I was interested in finding a Norwegian Dolehorse, but it was impossible to find anything near 150 cm. It all seemed pretty impossible. A Fjord would also be great, but unfortunately they are also very small .. And I am 184 cm tall. How could it be so hard to find a horse?

wendy friesian

One day it suddenly struck me that we had Friesians in Norway too! I searched for Friesians for sale, but all we found were super expensive dressage or other horses living so far away I would need a private helicopter to get there. I found one and fell in love with him, but then it turned out that he had severe health issues and my heart broke in thousand pieces. After that, I did not find any more Friesian horse online. Until he one day stood in i a field staring at me …

Nothing is impossible, and today I’m the proud human standing beside my very own, stunning Friesian gelding. The whole story about how I found Batman will be written very soon!

The point is: dreams do come true. My childhood dream is now my very own horse, and he is twice as maginificent as the Friesians on the posters from my wall when I was a little girl.

Do you have the horse you dreamed of as a child?

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

galloping friesian batman matildebrandt