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52 questions


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Just because it is in the middle of the night and I’m bored!

1. How old are you?

22 years old! Most of my Instagram-followers think I’m much younger because I don’t wear any makeup and my face looks younger, haha.

2. Who is the last person you texted?

3. What is the last book you read?
“Kjære” (“Dear”) by Linnéa Myhre.

4. What is your favorite food?
Everything without dead animals in it.

5. What is your relationship status?
Very taken :D

6. Tell me three things most interesting about you
I’m very ambitious, and tend to push myself a little bit too hard. I’m very different as a person as most people expect me to be. People are chocked about how nice I am. Haha.

7. Are you a cat or dog person?
Guinea pig.

8. Describe a perfect day
Having a great day with Batman, taking lots of amazing photos, going home, editing photos while eating pizza, drinking Pepsi Max, eating a whole bag of vinegar chips and chocolate and listening to music.

9. Are you introverted or extroverted?
Mostly very extroverted.

10. What’s your best qualities?
I’m extremely empathic, creative, emotional and caring. And entertaining, because I tend to find myself in absurd situations all the time.

11. Choose one word to describe you

12. What’s your worst qualities?
I’m always stressed. I spend too much time on my phone. I’m both impatient and patient at the same time. I suck a taking time for myself. And I swear too fucking much.

13. What is your favorite tv show?

14. Who is your OTP?
Jon & Ygritte ❤❤❤

15. Give me five hobbies you enjoy
Horsing around with Batman, writing blog posts and editing photos, watching medieval tv series, archery and traveling.

15. Pepsi or Coca-Cola
Pepsi Max.

16. Weirdest thing about you
Sometimes, I have random hiccups, and they are not like regular hiccups, the noise is seriously “MEEEEEEEEP” and it is loud.

17. Tell me one secret
I hate drunk people. I have never been drunk myself because of that.

18. Favorite dessert?
Chocolate mousse.

19. Sign?

20. What is your hair and eye color?
Strawberry blonde and blue.

21. Pet peeve?
People causing delay when I’m literally running from A to B in the city. I’m a VERY fast walker and hate people moving around like confused penguins blocking my way.

22. If you could dye your hair any color right now, what would it be?
I don’t wanna dye my hair. My hair is perfect.

23. Pants or skirt?

24. What pets do you have?
Batman, my guinea pigs Molly and Cindy and a rescued rabbit called Mr. Elmer Etterstad.

25. Put your songs on shuffle, and tell me the first song that plays
Watchers On The Wall, Ramin Djawadi.

26. Tell me one thing that I would never guess about you
I did never finish my education, and started working when I was 17.

27. Biggest fear?
Losing my beloved ones.

28. Would you rather go back in time, or into the future?
I prefer 2016.

29. Lucky number?
I don’t believe in lucky numbers.

30. Gender?

31. If you could live in an alternate reality, which one would it be and why?
Unfortunately, I don’t think I would survive in Westeros …

32. Favorite genre of music?
Classical and rock.

33. Dream job?
I have created my dream job.

34. Celebrity crush?
I’m not attracted by celebreties in that way.

35. Craziest situation you’ve ever been in?
Oh my god, where to start… I was once running around in Dublin, and I tought I had spotted the old city on the map. On the tourist map, there was a drawing of a dragon by the old town. So I stopped a guy on the street and said “do you know where the old town is? Where they got dragons and stuff?” and he HONESTLY tought I had smoked pot. So he asked me why the hell I got that stuff. I might have been a little bit hyper, but damn.. I wish you could see his face when I asked him about dragons!

Another crazy and awesome situation was when I met Thirty Seconds to Mars in Oslo. The first time I met the band, I hugged Jared Leto a bit too hard I guess. They all remembered me, Shannon gave me a hug, I hugged back (of course!!!) and when I walked away, he suddenly shouted “she’s still a hard squeezer!”. I FELL TO THE FLOOR.

And a few weeks ago, I tried to kill a goddamn dog. It was a huge muscular dog who were about to rip a poor border collie to pieces. The big dog had the entire neck of the collie in its mouth, and the owners were screaming for help, and I had seriously never imagined to find myself in a situation like that. I seriously used all my power trying to hurt the big dog enough to make it open its mouth and let the collie go. I had no chance. I don’t know if the collie survived as it ran off when we finally got the big dog to loosen its grip, and the large dog bit the thumb of the collie-owner off during the rescue-attempts! It was blood everywhere, absolutely insane. I was shaky for a week after that.

36. Most annoying thing you’ve ever had to deal with?
JUDGING, RUDE HORSE-PEOPLE! Dammit, equestrians can be so mean to eachother!

37. Who is the first person you’ve ever kissed?
My boyfriend.

38. Give me the first ten books on your book shelve
Twisted Truths About Modern Dressage, The Biomechanical Basics of Classical Riding, The Art of Riding, Dancing With Horses, Reading the Horse’s Personality, A Search For Collection, Freedomdressage and Trick Training, Training the Horse In Hand, Working Equitation and Scholling Horses In-Hand.

39. Grab a random book and give me the first sentence
“I regret the fact that I did not ran myself to death”, Evig Søndag, Linnèa Myhre :(

40.Favorite ice cream flavor?

41. Favorite line from a movie?
YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW! I know, it’s not a movie, but honestly, I don’t care.

42. What would you do if you win the lottery?
The same as I do every day + buy more avocados.

43. What’s your lucky charm?
My triad-necklace.

44. Least favorite food?
Everything with dead animal parts in it.

45. Tell me about the last dream you can remember
My nightmare last night, it was horrible. To horrible to mention here.

46. Tell me about your best friend
Her name is Linn, she is the most awesome person on the plantet and she prefer to stay anonymous.

47. Dream role?
I hate acting.

48. What do you do on a rainy day?
Shoveling horse-shit in the mud.

49. What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?
The White Queen.

50. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians, sometimes, my brain needs to rest, and … and … I have no excuse, I’m so ashamed.

51. Which song are you listening to right now? 
This Land by Hans Zimmer.

52. Favorite quote? 
“Try and fail, but never fail to try”.

Life With A Friesian Dream

Daniel answers!

Finally, here are the answers from the Q&A with my boyfriend Daniel :D He did the best he could, and I think this turned out great!

Does Matilde let you do tricks with Batman?
Like the lie down?
She does! I have done tricks with Batman a couple of times, last time we did some liberty work in canter and trot, and tricks such as jambette and lie down.

Do you eat vegetarian food when Matilde does? Or do you cook your own food?
We eat vegetarian or vegan food at home, but I’m eating meat every now and then when I’m only cooking for myself. Vegetarian food is great!

Did you like Batman at first or were you afraid of him?
I have always liked Batman, but he is huge, so I had some respect for him in the beginning. The second time I met him, he stepped on my foot and I could barely walk the next week. My foot turned BLUE. So yeah, I guess it’s legit to have some respect for Batman.

Does it ever bother you that you are always going to be the number two man in her life?
We just talked about that haha, you get used to it after a while … But Batman is always number one and I can relate to your comment, yes.

So sporty of him to do this! Being a horse owner is more a lifestyle than a hobby, is this something you appreciate to take part in, or is it something you simply feel you must endure with? Have been together with an equestrian changed your opinion on equestrians, if so, in which way?
It depends. All the late evenings with Matilde gone and when she must spend the night there because a super busy veterinary without sleep schedule … That’s not my favorite part of it! But when I’m with her at the stable, I’m always having a good time, and I LOVE going for rides with her and Batman on a borrowed horse! I’m also very happy Matilde have found so much joy in horses, and I’m so grateful for Batman giving her happiness. I do have a couple of hobbies myself, I’m interested in cars and IT, and know how it feels being so passionate about something.

What was your first thought when you met Matilde for the first time?
Wow. Uuhm. Hard question! I was surprised actually, because she was waaay more outgoing than I expected! I was picking her up with my car, and was on my way out of the car to introduce myself and being a gentleman and everything, but I was too slow – she was already inside my car, hahah! And when she sat there, she thought it was a perfect moment to introduce herself: after eight hours of Skyping :P Matilde loves shaking hands. The first thing I noticed was her personality, she is very fun to spend time with, and we were a great match with many things in common! The first thing we did together was eating vegetarian pizza while watching a Top Gear special.

Are you vegetarian too?
No, I’m not. But I’m eating tons of vegetarian food because of Matilde and she has never made one single vegetarian meal that I did not like! I have become way more educated about vegetarian food and all the alternatives to meat, and I also quit drinking milk a year ago; we only have plant milk and plant yoghurt in the apartment and I love that.

What is your favorite thing about Matilde and what’s your favorite thing about Batman?
Complicated question! My favorite thing about Matilde is that she is very down to earth, super-emphatic (she’s a vegetarian, it says it all) and she is an equestrian. I think horse-girls are waaay to underrated! I think equestrians are great people!

My favorite thing about Batman is that he makes Matilde very happy.

daniel batman2

How is it to live together with an equestrian?
Busy! It’s not often you get to spend time with your girlfriend, that’s the reason why it took us so long to get these answers, because we finally had 30 minutes together hahah! Unpredictable, suddenly is Batman sick or injured again, move nights cancelled, no trip to the cabin this weekend either, we must leave earlier, Matilde have to get up by 06 AM because of the horse … You become very impulsive when you are living with an equestrian girl. You simply have to relax and go with the flow, and get up early to spend the weekend mornings with your girlfriend, because before you even notice, she’s on her way out the door heading for the stable.

What’s your profession?
I’m working with IT, I’m an ICT Manager at a middle school.

What’s your favorite food?

What are you mostly doing when you are spending time together?
Literally, we spend most of our time together asleep :P

Favorite movie?
I don’t have one, I have many. I like most comedies! :D Because I’m quite a funny guy.

What was your first thought when you met Batman for the first time?
“What a huge animal!” I was not used to horses on his size, but I also thought “we are going to be buddies in the future”, and better get started on spoiling him with carrots! I knew I would be stuck with Matilde for some time haha..

Do you like the series Matilde watches as well? For example Game of Thrones?
Game of Thrones is not my thing, she loves everything medieval. I prefer more modern shows, but we watch Big Bang Theory together! We are basically together because of George RR Martin, so I had to watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones with her and comfort her every fucking time her favorite characters dies. She usually cries for three hours straight. I’m a Game of Thrones-fan-comforting professional! I could add that to my CV. Our entire apartment says “You know nothing, Jon Snow” and we have a couple of swords around here.

That’s it for today folks! Hugs from Daniel, Batman & Matilde ❤

daniel batman

Life With A Friesian Dream

Ask Daniel!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for the huge response to my previous post :D I loved seeing Daniel’s face after he read it, and I loved your amazing feedback even more! I’m so grateful to have such a great guy in my life, and I’m glad you all like him too ❤ I asked you on my Facebook page if you would be interested in doing a Q&A with Daniel, and you certainly were! So I was thinking we could just do that? Ask Daniel a question about horses, Batman, how I am behind the iPhone-screen (oh shit this is scary) and yeah, everything else you might wanna know :D Comment all your questions below, and Daniel will answer you the best he can ;)

It is okay to write in Norwegian if you prefer that. This is gonna be so much fun!

I guess this is called the point of no return … Haha!

equestrian boyfriend