Life With A Friesian Dream

A Norwegian folklore, Batman & Matilde at Heddal Stavkyrkje

Some days I truly live in a fairytale. This is one of them! Here is the photos from our epic photoshoot with Une Susrud in front of Heddal Stavkyrkje in Telemark. We spend many hours on this location and there was tourists all over the place, haha. The stave church is over 800 years old, and according to an old, local folklore, it was built by a troll named Finn. The church is filled with gorgeous wood carvings on the outside, and you can see the traditional rose paintings on the inside. Truly a remarkable piece of Norwegian history.

In the Middle Ages, we had over 1000 stave churches in Norway, and today there are only 32 left, and this is the largest of them all. Heddal Stave Church is one of them.

I’m so grateful for these special photos from a truly beautiful location.

PS: If you are looking for a belt bag or viking dress, have it in stock! I’m their ambassador.

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde


Life With A Friesian Dream

Vikings in the mist

In collaboration with Klesarven

At least a little bit viking? Wearing my new viking hood in front of our stable’s very own Yggdrasil-tree, I definitely felt like one! Batman and I enjoyed the foggy weather in the field, and the mist covered the landscape around us, turning everything into a mystic, beautiful place to spend the afternoon. Batman was super during this little photoshoot and gladly showed some of his tricks!

Simply because this fits in, vikinghette is Norwegian for viking hood, and here it is spelled in runes:


My hood can be found on, it is both comfy, warm and gorgeous! We are together working on a really fun project nowadays (or, Lene is doing most of the actual work, my job is to trot around in the forest testing prototypes), we are actually going to launch a RIDING SKIRT very soon! And it is awesome! I got mine finished in wool today and will take photos very soon. I walked around in my apartment wearing it all afternoon, feeling like I came right out of 1764! It will be available in different colors, and my question to you is: what color would you prefer?

My favorites so far are charcoal and dark beige!

A huge thanks to my friend Linn for the awesome photos ❤

Peace, love and viking hugs,
Batman & Matilde









Life With A Friesian Dream

November rain

A few weeks ago my friend Paul and I had a photoshoot with Batman in the rain. The result is a handful of lovely photos of us in the rainy November weather.

My colorful VIGA-poncho definitely made this photoshoot special and when I posted three of the photos on Instagram and got so much feedback, I had to post the rest of them here! Batman is wearing his new Markus Holst-hackamore.

To my Norwegian followers: For every poncho, blanket, cardigan or scarf you purchase on, they donate an emergency blanket to refugees in Malawi. Find your favorite on ❤ Human to human.


Photos by Paul Omar Lervaag

Life With A Friesian Dream

The magical world of “let’s check the camera settings”

You may be familiar with the magical minutes before a photoshoot. You just arrived at the location and everything is an organized chaos, horses being moved around, trying to settle down on a new spot, you are pulling hair out of your mouth, straightening out your dress, making sure your boobs are still located inside it, if you are wearing that kind of dress, while trying to avoid to be stepped on by the still a bit stressed horse next to you, elegantly avoiding a ray of sunlight, with the potential of destroying the entire picture.

“Let’s check the camera settings!”

I can hear the sound of the camera shutter freezing the moment, and two seconds later, me and the big dress are taking a look at everything in the photo, except from the horse and model .. Yep, light and colors looks fine, I’m making sure we are shooting in the correct format and that I the memory card was formatted properly after last shoot.

After nine years with photoshoots, the past years on a bit more advanced level, my hard drives are literally filled with “let’s take a test photo”. And they are never seen by anyone, never used to anything, just forgotten, and hidden forever. Not anymore!

Take a look at some of this year’s test photos, and enjoy!

The seven years with Batman-photoshoot!

Une was taking the pictures. This was Batman’s first meeting with Takawi for a while and when Bat saw Kawi, he could not handle being separated from him again. So Linn basically had to leave him on the location, we were unable to keep Batman calm without Kawis presence.



This was some portraits of Batman earlier this year. A very successful shoot, Linn gave Batman the cues and I took the photos. Fun fact: The riders looked shocked when they rode past Batman, standing completely loose, haha. I had a hard time trying not to laugh!


The windy photoshoot from earlier this summer

Fun fact: Matilde can’t walk properly. Gyro defect.


The river photoshoot with Une in Heddal

Fun fact: It started blowing like hell all of the sudden, and I don’t like wind. Earlier we had lovely sunshine and the temperature was perfect, and now we had winter coming at us at full speed! My face says it all.


More Batman portraits

Portraits of Batman with Daniel! Daniel fed Batman carrots, I took the photos. Fun fact: Daniel and Batman are best friends.


The Stave Church shoot with Une!

In this photo, I’m filling my pockets with a new load of carrots. Fun fact: Next to Batman, there is a bell tower. I did not know about the bell and neither did Une, so both Batman and I got scared when it started ringing in the middle of the photoshoot.


The blue dress shoot!

My dress was a bit too big and I had some trouble keeping my boobs inside it. A problem I’m definitely not familiar with. Fun fact: this photoshoot was also my first meeting with nipple covers. The other alternative was duct tape, but the first option seemed more humane. Enough oversharing!


The Hvaler shoot from 2015

I have never experienced heavier winds before in my life. The weather was crazy; I struggled with keeping on Batman’s back because of the heavy winds! It was impossible to talk; we had to scream out load to communicate with each other.


Fog photos with Une

Everything is wrong with this picture … This is the reason why we need test photos btw. Batman is both red and blue(?!), and the ISO is on around 100 000.


Stave church shoot

When I ride without a helmet on shoots, I always try the poses with a helmet and bridle on first. I am terrified of these photos looking great, so I never ever smile in them. If everything else looked perfect, and I had full tack on, a not properly fitted bridle and an ugly whip, it would be a nightmare to realize that the photo would not fit in. Logic, right? Thumbs up for Batman’s ears pointing back.


The blue dress shoot again

This is basically the test photo in a nutshell. Fun fact: My plastic bag is filled with carrots. We had a huge amount of carrots that day, because I had him loose on a foreign location.


Summer portraits

A great example on how one can be ready and the other is absolutely not. I have no idea about what I’m doing, but Batman looks great, tho!


Windy photos in the cloudy weather

Fixing the forelock … check. But what happened to the camera settings? Batman is read, like my shirt!


17th of May

Batman helps me out with my hair. Fun fact: It was extremely hot outside this day, and everyone on location was so tired and warm! So was I, in my bunad, made out of wool. We had a pony with us for backup, so Batman was more relaxed than he is when he is all alone.


Flower photos in the forest

Waiting for the test photo … Horse: ready. Carrots: ready. Matilde: ready.


Batman portraits in the sun

This is Une keeping Batman busy while I’m checking the camera settings. Fun fact: We used fire to get his attention during this shoot.


Spring photos

The result turned out to be a thousand times better than this one, but it is indeed a cute photo. And of course, carrots.


Poncho photos in the rain

Moments our shoot was about to begin, it started to rain! My face says it all.


Winter wonderland + too much hay in Batman’s forelock

I spent minutes on removing large straws of hay from Batman’s hair before this shoot. He is literally eating with his entire face.


Wedding dress shoot with Ada Marlene

Before I changed clothes, I had a test ride on the location. Fun fact: we had a team of two of my friends helping us on location, and both of them had to help me to get on and off Batman during this shoot because the dress was so big! The dress had to be adjusted every minute.


Frosty fairytales out of focus

This was a helpful test-photo! The autofocus was off ..


Spring photos in the forest

I’m as usual, spending my time organizing carrots. Fun fact: I had carrots in my bra during this shoot, because of the no pockets in my skirt-situation. It is visible in some of the photos if you take a closer look, haha!


Bridleless dressage

Gone slightly wrong? I have no idea what we are doing here.


Spring-photos in the woods

Maria checked the camera settings while I had a hard time navigating through the rough terrain. The surface was mostly branches, so it was difficult to find a safe way through for both of us. Batman is following me as usual.