Life With A Friesian Dream

Batman & Matilde’s Christmas Wish list

Same procedure as last year, haha! Here is my most wanted horsey favorites for Christmas 2016! ❤ This post contains some affiliate links, and one of my Christmas wishes is from my sponsors’ web store.

What do you hope to get this year for Christmas?

1. Viking style belt bag from Klesarven

A simple, yet beautiful viking belt bag, comes in super handy if you use treats! You can fill it with carrots and wear it when you are training or riding your horse. I have one already, and many of you ask where you can find a similar one – Klesarven have them in store now!


2. Ball from

Batman had a blue ball before and he loved it, but it got lost years ago and I never found it again. I taught him to play football this spring, and would love to continue the work with a new, yellow fresh ball!


3. Hay Play from Nordic Horse Equipment

A super smart way of feeding hay! You fill the ball with hay, and the horse can push it around to eat.


4. Horze Crescendo Desiree breeches and Delia fleece jacket

I have been without breeches for almost a year, and the Horze Desiree breeches are my ultimate dream breeches, haha! I thiiiink I’m gonna order them as a Christmas gift to myself from myself. High waist, gorgeous details, perfection. The Delia fleece makes the outfit complete and is also in my shopping cart atm. it is.

5. Wine holder made out of horse shoes from Jo Work of Art

Becuase we get too many wine bottles in gifts and never drink it because I think wine taste horrible, so why not use them as interior …



6. Horze Rovigo boots

You can’t have too many boots! I love this style.


7. Horslyx

Why on earth didn’t I discover this before! Batman tasted Horselyx during a chiropractor-visit, he was stressed out, poor guy, so we gave him this, and he immediately changed focus to the Horslyx. The taste is obviosly ten times better than carrots, haha! Highly recommended.


8. Fairfax Cordeo and rope from

Eco rope in hemp, this would be perfect with my “medieval looking” halter! I would also like a more simple neckrope that my leather ones, so this is definitely on the “gift from Matilde to Matilde”-list.


9. Cowboy Magic 

I aaaaaalways need this stuff, Batman is so hairy so Cowboy Magic is a must have. This is the only detangler, showshine spray and gel I use on Batman, and it’s absolutely amazing. Thanks to Cowboy Magic for Batman’s 1 meter long mane!

cowboy magic

10. Reykur Fleece 

ILook at the awesome pattern! I would love to wear this cosy fleece in the stable.



Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

Life With A Friesian Dream

Black Friesian Friday

In collaboration with Hardy Etc

Batman and I headed out in the November sun yesterday, sporting my new clothes from Hardy Etc!

It was the first time I rode Batman in a while, but he has been looking very good the past 1,5 weeks. Today I saddled up for a short walk with him, and it turned out to be a day full of surprises …

After walking a little, we went out to the field. I asked him to trot, the plan was to just trot a few meters and see how he felt, and then he suddenly, out of the blue, went over in canter! And not flat, boring canter! POWER-canter! I was sure I had my last canter on Batman in February, but he chose to give me the feeling of flying again today. I was first shocked, Batman is not supposed to canter with me on, but he did get four steps before I managed to react and stop. I was literally in shock, smiling from ear to ear, I felt free again. Free from this rollercoaster-year, just back where I belong. I know he is running with his herd every single day and chose to think it went fine with his legs with me on, and will never ever forget the amazing feeling of flying 2 meters above the ground with my pegasus. Thank you Lisa, for capturing everything!

My jacket, top and breeches are from and right now you will get 25% off their entire web store by using the code BLACK25 at checkout. I instantly fell in love with the jacket, it is super comfy and kept me warm in the cold November temperature. The top is made of breathable fabric, offering cool-dry, moisture control and ultra-breathable function. I can definitely recommend it for people who are looking for something practical to wear while riding! They do of course have international shipping.



Happy Black Friesian Friday, go crazy today!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

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Life With A Friesian Dream

October shopping: Viking tack and fall leaves

Yesterday I received not one, but three packages! Christmas Eve, haha. My dream breast collar, a sheepskin and some mane clip fall leaves arrived at my door, from Denmark, Norway and the US.

I rarely do this much shopping and am that kind of person who wears the same clothes as I did 7 years ago, but I buy something new for Batman every now and then. The breast collar has been planned since before the summer, the leaves is sponsored by Fleur À Cheval’s fall collection and the sheepskin will be great on my saddle. Inspired by the series Outlander and The Last Kingdom, I wanted that look too!

The breast collar is hand made by my favorite Dane in the world – Ronja Overgaard, also known as the warrior behind the legendary Instagram account fairytales_and_campfires. I drew the first sketches, and it was such a magical experience to see the final result! From a sloppy sketch to that impressive masterpiece – it is so beautifully designed and well made. I’m forever grateful for this job Ronja, thank you so much!

I can get used to the fact that I can no longer do most of the things Bat and I did before, at least he can look stylish when we are walking around for five minutes! He is a warrior, more than any other horse. And now he have a breast collar fit for a king.

The sheepskin is from Norwegian wild sheep, from a small, organic farm near the coast in Vest-Agder.

When was the last time you did online shopping and what did you find?

Mane clips sponsored by Fleur À Cheval 🍁 Breast collar by Ronja 🍁 Sheepskin from Norske Villsauskinn 🍁

horse-tackfleur_a_cheval fleur_a_cheval_leavessheepskin_wild_sheep viking_medieval_breastcollarviking_medieval_breast_collar viking_tack

Life With A Friesian Dream

Your horse will never be bored again

Now it is only 21 hours left of MovieMask’s Kickstarter campaign, and your last chance to get the super early bird price! Your horse will never be bored again. He can watch Spirit or have a Lord of the Rings maraton while you are at work or in school! GENIOUS. Just kidding.

But the MovieMask will allow you to have a cinema experience, anywhere and anytime. It is made to watch movies from your phone, but make you feel like you are in your own, private cinema. I’m proud to be working with these guys and I was the second person in the world supporting their Kickstarter-campaign! Go get your own MovieMask by clicking on this fabulous link. They are both comfy and the quality is actually impressive! And I’m still trying to convince them to make a prototype for bored horses. Like, imagine our horses having movie nights in their boxes while we are at home and asleep! Eating popcorn and hay. The Arabian mare can watch Princess Diaries while the old warmblood will enjoy Inception. 😂 Awesomeness.

Batman is watching The Dark Knight Rises in this photo. His favorite movie. Because he is in it, obviously.