Life With A Friesian Dream

Vikings in the mist

In collaboration with Klesarven

At least a little bit viking? Wearing my new viking hood in front of our stable’s very own Yggdrasil-tree, I definitely felt like one! Batman and I enjoyed the foggy weather in the field, and the mist covered the landscape around us, turning everything into a mystic, beautiful place to spend the afternoon. Batman was super during this little photoshoot and gladly showed some of his tricks!

Simply because this fits in, vikinghette is Norwegian for viking hood, and here it is spelled in runes:


My hood can be found on, it is both comfy, warm and gorgeous! We are together working on a really fun project nowadays (or, Lene is doing most of the actual work, my job is to trot around in the forest testing prototypes), we are actually going to launch a RIDING SKIRT very soon! And it is awesome! I got mine finished in wool today and will take photos very soon. I walked around in my apartment wearing it all afternoon, feeling like I came right out of 1764! It will be available in different colors, and my question to you is: what color would you prefer?

My favorites so far are charcoal and dark beige!

A huge thanks to my friend Linn for the awesome photos ❤

Peace, love and viking hugs,
Batman & Matilde









Life With A Friesian Dream

October shopping: Viking tack and fall leaves

Yesterday I received not one, but three packages! Christmas Eve, haha. My dream breast collar, a sheepskin and some mane clip fall leaves arrived at my door, from Denmark, Norway and the US.

I rarely do this much shopping and am that kind of person who wears the same clothes as I did 7 years ago, but I buy something new for Batman every now and then. The breast collar has been planned since before the summer, the leaves is sponsored by Fleur À Cheval’s fall collection and the sheepskin will be great on my saddle. Inspired by the series Outlander and The Last Kingdom, I wanted that look too!

The breast collar is hand made by my favorite Dane in the world – Ronja Overgaard, also known as the warrior behind the legendary Instagram account fairytales_and_campfires. I drew the first sketches, and it was such a magical experience to see the final result! From a sloppy sketch to that impressive masterpiece – it is so beautifully designed and well made. I’m forever grateful for this job Ronja, thank you so much!

I can get used to the fact that I can no longer do most of the things Bat and I did before, at least he can look stylish when we are walking around for five minutes! He is a warrior, more than any other horse. And now he have a breast collar fit for a king.

The sheepskin is from Norwegian wild sheep, from a small, organic farm near the coast in Vest-Agder.

When was the last time you did online shopping and what did you find?

Mane clips sponsored by Fleur À Cheval 🍁 Breast collar by Ronja 🍁 Sheepskin from Norske Villsauskinn 🍁

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