Life With A Friesian Dream

My plans for 2017


Arctic Equestrian Games 2017

Photos from

See you in Vestfold! Hopefully I will head for this year’s Arctic Equestrian Games together with Batman. We are actually trying to arrange a Batman-Meet & Greet during this year’s AEG. How awesome is that? If we succeed, everyone attending can have a closer look at the majestic Friesian horse, give Batman a hug, a carrot and take a selfie with him. We will have a “best Batman-selfie”-contest, and if possible, five fans will have the opportunity of trying some liberty dressage with him. Right now we don’t know if we will manage to arrange it or not, but with or without Batman, I will be there!

I will give you more information if we get the Meet & Greet confirmed, and have plenty of fun ideas! Fingers crossed.



Rørosmartnan 2017

Photos from Destinasjon Rorøs.

I can barely wait for this one – I will join lassekjørerne from Nord-Østerdal Lasskjørarlag on their journey to Røros, across the mountains from Dalsbygda. From Rørosmartnan’s web site: As a part of the opening ceremony, more than eighty horse-drawn sleighs from Sweden, Gudbrandsdalen, Østerdalen, Hedmark, Gauldalen, Selbu and Tydal participate, marking the arrival in Røros after travelling for almost two weeks in the old-fashioned manner.

A Royal decree from 1853 states that «From 1854 onwards a yearly market shall be held in Røros, commencing the second to last Tuesday in the month of February, and lasting until the following Friday.”

It will be an adventure I will never forget – dressed in historical clothes from the 1800s, in a sled pulled by a strong dølahest in the freezing cold, on a journey surrounded by the remarkable nature.

It is impressive that they are still keeping the tradition alive – this year Rørosmartnan will open for the 164th time, and each year around 70 000 visitors attend to the market.



Fürstliche Hofreitschule Bückeburg

The photos above belongs to the Fürstliche Hofreitschule Bückeburg and is borrowed from their website.

I will travel to Hamburg for a Sum 41-concert with a friend, and stay for a couple of days. During the visit to Germany I will also travel to the Fürstliche Hofreitschule Bückeburg, because I suddenly realized that it is just 2 hour by car away from Hamburg! I was simply spending an hour in Google Maps, typing the names of everything I knew you could do in Germany, haha. Most of my searches resulted in more information about the size of Germany, with an average travel time of 5 hours! After reading about Norah Kohle’s stay in Bückeburg last summer, and following the Hofreitschule on Facebook for a long time, I can barely wait to March! It will be an epic journey!

I gotta figure out some more fun stuff to do while I’m Hamburg tho! Any tips?



Clinic with Arne Koets

The photos above are borrowed from the Facebook-event and Wikipedia.

I had actually forgotten that I was going to attend to this clinic, but well. Two weeks ago, Linn surprised me with the fact that I was going to attending to a clinic with Arne Koets in March – with Batman! That’s basically gambling, I tried to attend to many clinics last year, one with Dr. Gerd Heuchemann, but because of Batman’s health we had to cancel everything. Hopefully he will be able to do some groundwork with Arne, I’m looking forward to it anyways. Worst case scenario is to work from halt, which is fine too! All my favorite equestrian Norwegians will be there. Can’t wait to see everyone!

Want to attend to a clinic with Arne? You can find him at


March / April

Amsterdam with Daniel

The photos above are borrowed from the and Wikipedia.

Daniel got a trip to Amsterdam for Christmas, and I’m of course aiming to spend some time with Friesians while we are visiting Batman’s country! We will spend most of the weekend in the city, but are planning to find a stable and go for a ride one of the days. I can’t wait! I will also try to stop by Levend Paardenmuseum de Hollandsche Manege. Anything else to do in Amsterdam? Feel free to give me some tips in the comment field.



Medeltidsveckan in Visby

Photos © by Awai, Jacob AllestadSofie Annersved and Elin Kero, Medeltidsveckan / Pressmachine.

Last summer I went to Oslo Middelalderfestival for the first time in my life. I planned to go there when I was around 8, but it was cancelled, and I remember so well how disappointed I was. So last year, I finally decided to go! And it was one of the best days of my life, I had so much fun. The food was amazing, so many lovely people, pretty things, music and the enovirement in general .. Wow. I loved every single second and cried in the line on my way in because I was so happy, haha! My poor friends seemed a bit embarrased. (Sorry guys) After that I went to Tønsberg Middelalderfestival with Daniel, which was also a great experience, and the only thing I on my mind was “MORE”!

Having my head stuck in Viking/Game of Thrones/Outlander everything that is older than 1743 is awesome. So this year Linn and I will travel to Visby in Sweden and experience Medeltidsveckan for the first time! WOW! All my Instagram-friends from Scandinavia will be there I think, and August cannot come soon enough. Some of the photos here are taken by Elin Kero / Nevnarien, I recommend her blog posts from Visby! Check it out here.

© Elin Kero, Medeltidsveckan / Pressmachine.


Mounted Archery on Iceland

The photos above are from the Natural Horseback Archery and Pixabay.

This one started with Batman’s chiropractic treatment. Best vet appointment ever. My vet suggested that I could join her on her journey to Iceland and join her on a natural mounted archery clinic in September/October, and I was like hell yes I’m in! So yeah .. I’m actually going to ICELAND! To learn more about mounted archery, explore Iceland for the very first time and enjoy every single second of our stay. I have tried to travel to Iceland for years(!) but I don’t know anyone that would like to go with me, and I did not want to travel alone. This will be the best fall ever. I started trying to learn archery in 2015 and think I know the basics, but it will be amazing to have some professional instruction, especially when it comes to technique, which can be tricky to practice alone in the forest without guidance.

I also got a lesson on an Icelandic horse last year, together with Pluvinel, and I must admit that Icelandics are awesome horses! Read the blog from my tölt-lesson here.