Life With A Friesian Dream

Winter happiness and Friesian power

In collaboration with Horze

Finally we got some real snow! I have waited not so patiently since November, and when the winter wonderland suddenly appeared outside my window, the first thing I did was to head to Batman. Playing with the horse in the snow is literally the best thing ever. And Batman did not hesitate and gladly joined me in the field for some winter fun!

Today was also the perfect day to show you my new breeches and sweater from Horze. I finally ordered the Desiree-breeches, which you have probably seen on my blog before in a wish list or ten! My last pair of quality breeches from Horze got eaten by my rabbit last winter(!), and I have worn jeans in the stable ever since! I never wear them out, my rabbit eats them. True story. #lifewithrabbit

What I look for when I shop breeches:
– Pockets large enough to fit an iPhone or 4 carrots, also when you sit on the horse
– High quality fabric, a flexible feel and elegant details
– A good fit around the ankle
– Must be super comfortable during riding, walking, running and when sitting in a car

It felt amazing to finally ride in the Crescendo Desiree-breeches, and what I love most about them is the high waist and lovely details. I can’t stand riding, or walking, in breeches you can’t feel comfy moving around in. When I’m in the stable, I’m running, jumping, climbing and even crawling on the ground. I need a pair of breeches you never need to adjust. What. So. Ever.

So with a high waist, perfect fit, stretchy fabric and decorative silicone knee patch, the Desiree-breeches is by far the most beautiful and the most comfortable pair of breeches I have ever worn. I could easily wear them outside the stable because of the stylish look.

My lovely new sweater is the warm and comfy Reykur Fleece, also from Horze. I have many old fleece sweaters in XXL, looking more like a tent really, and wanted something a bit more feminine and practical to wear while riding. The Reykur fleece looks great on, it’s got large pockets with space for iPhones and carrots, and during the session with Batman in the field, I did actually not freeze!

Enough outfit-talk, enjoy the sight of my incredible, playful, proud and gorgeous Batman!

A huge thanks to Stina for today’s amazing photos, I’m forever grateful.

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde


Life With A Friesian Dream

Let me introduce you to my odd saddle!

I receive lots of question about my saddle. Well, it is not a normal English or western saddle so I do understand why you are curious! So then I decided to write a post about my baroque saddle.

I bought my new saddle last spring; it is a Marjoman Rianõ Sillero, a Portuguese/baroque saddle. I’m very happy about it, I had to sell my previous baroque saddle because it did not fit me. It fitted Batman thought, but that did not help when I could not ride in it because the seat balanced me wrong, and was way too big!

The Riaño has a much smaller seat and fits me perfectly. It provides the support I need when I do trick/stunt riding such as rearing and lying down, and it’s extremely comfortable to ride dressage with as well. I am no fan of huge knee rolls, I think they place me in a locked position and it feels uncomfortable. My dressage is based on the principles of Academic Art of Riding. This kind of saddles are based on how most saddles looked like a couple of hundred years ago, and I don’t see a reason why they won’t work today! I love baroque saddles.

Although, I do need some support when I’m galloping around with Batman and his huge movement. The Riaño is the perfect saddle for us, and I had it fitted and adjusted, and changed the flocking this summer. We also colored it black, as I think that is a more suitable color for Batman.

Under my saddle, I do not use a regular saddle pad. I use reindeer hide. A study discovered that reindeer hide is more shock absorbing than any other kind of saddle pads.

Thank you so much to my amazing saddle fitter Silje Sverkholt for the wonderful job!

I know maaany of you have been very interested in my saddle because they want to buy one themselves, but you have to remember that saddle fitting is science, my saddle fits Batman, but that doesn’t mean it would fit your horse, Friesian or not. Most of my friends also HATE to ride in my Riaño, just because I love it does not mean that it is a comfortable saddle for everyone! Remember to seek professional help when you are purchasing a new saddle for your horse. Riding with the wrong saddle will cause damage to your horse’s back.

Do you have any questions about my saddle? Feel free to ask below!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

marjoman riano matilde brandt saddle1
marjoman riano matilde brandt saddle5marjoman riano matilde brandt saddle2marjoman riano matilde brandt saddle4marjoman riano matilde brandt saddle3

Life With A Friesian Dream

Northern fairytales

And then King Winter suddenly arrived … And I got to feel fresh Batman-hooves against cold snow again! He was amazing to ride this day and behaved perfectly. I love my little snow-horse so much! ❤

I’m also very happy about how these photos turned out, thank you so much to my dear photographer and bestie Linn! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Have you had snow this year?

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman the viking horse & Matilde

viking13 viking14  viking1 viking2viking5 viking3 viking4  viking6 viking7viking15 viking8 viking9 viking10 viking12

Life With A Friesian Dream

The narrow-minded Matilde versus draw reins

Personally, I have never been very fond of quick fixes, especially not when it comes to animals. Through many years, I have spoken against the use of draw reins, and other similar gadgets used to place the horse’s head into a certain position. I’m against draw reins simply because there is many other alternatives.

And because of that, I have been called narrow-minded. I’m narrow-minded, because I’m open to healthier and more long lasting solutions. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

If you have a problem about the position of your horse’s head, it’s a sign of something else being wrong. Then, you have two choices: to hide the symptom (the horse protesting, refusing to stretch his neck etc) or to actually solve the problem.

Maybe the draw reins will work for a year, but after that, you might face even bigger problems. It’s so much easier to simply start educating yourself and the horse from the beginning! A horse bending its neck is not a sign of correct training. Its the horse bending its neck! That alone is not good for anything but your own ego.

Dressage is about educating the horse to use his body to carry his rider in a correct way – without taking damage, building correct muscles and move with pride and joy for light signals.

If you find your horse protesting, you are doing something wrong. The best thing you can do at that point, is to do your very best to try to get it right – not to make it even more wrong. Pay attention to the horse, every little signal he gives to you is more valuable than a hundred lessons – if you chose to listen. And yet, many riders today choose to shut the horse’s mouth and “solve” the problem with even more gadgets …

Equestrian logic.

Do you look at the head position … or do you look at the horse’s body?

dressage collection tackless