Life With A Friesian Dream

Winter happiness and Friesian power

In collaboration with Horze

Finally we got some real snow! I have waited not so patiently since November, and when the winter wonderland suddenly appeared outside my window, the first thing I did was to head to Batman. Playing with the horse in the snow is literally the best thing ever. And Batman did not hesitate and gladly joined me in the field for some winter fun!

Today was also the perfect day to show you my new breeches and sweater from Horze. I finally ordered the Desiree-breeches, which you have probably seen on my blog before in a wish list or ten! My last pair of quality breeches from Horze got eaten by my rabbit last winter(!), and I have worn jeans in the stable ever since! I never wear them out, my rabbit eats them. True story. #lifewithrabbit

What I look for when I shop breeches:
– Pockets large enough to fit an iPhone or 4 carrots, also when you sit on the horse
– High quality fabric, a flexible feel and elegant details
– A good fit around the ankle
– Must be super comfortable during riding, walking, running and when sitting in a car

It felt amazing to finally ride in the Crescendo Desiree-breeches, and what I love most about them is the high waist and lovely details. I can’t stand riding, or walking, in breeches you can’t feel comfy moving around in. When I’m in the stable, I’m running, jumping, climbing and even crawling on the ground. I need a pair of breeches you never need to adjust. What. So. Ever.

So with a high waist, perfect fit, stretchy fabric and decorative silicone knee patch, the Desiree-breeches is by far the most beautiful and the most comfortable pair of breeches I have ever worn. I could easily wear them outside the stable because of the stylish look.

My lovely new sweater is the warm and comfy Reykur Fleece, also from Horze. I have many old fleece sweaters in XXL, looking more like a tent really, and wanted something a bit more feminine and practical to wear while riding. The Reykur fleece looks great on, it’s got large pockets with space for iPhones and carrots, and during the session with Batman in the field, I did actually not freeze!

Enough outfit-talk, enjoy the sight of my incredible, playful, proud and gorgeous Batman!

A huge thanks to Stina for today’s amazing photos, I’m forever grateful.

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde


Life With A Friesian Dream

I’m broke and without pants

I’m not joking when I’m telling you that the last time I purchased a new pair of breeches was over three years ago. I currently own two. And now my rabbit ate one of them! So I’m basically out of breeches, which is very tragic, when you are an equestrian blogger and spend more time in the stable than home. So yeah, I admit, have officially failed as a equestrian blogger. HAHA! Most of my colleagues are like posting new fancy clothes on their blogs every day! My lack of interest in fashion is becoming more and more visible … XD

So, I need new breeches. In the perfect world, sponsors would throw this kind of stuff after me, but THEY DON’T! True story! (Your loss guys) If you, on the other hand, want to send me some clothes, please contact me HERE. Because as you all know, my horse is fucking expensive at the moment with three lame legs and I’m broke and without pants.

But while I will continue to work my ass off to get some money, I can at least decide which kind of breeches I will buy! My only requirements are:

– The breeches much be made out of NASA-material and last for at least three years of running around with Batman
– They must taste horrible, so my rabbit won’t eat them
– They must be really, really pretty because I’m having photoshoots every day
– They must fit my ridiculously long legs
– They must have pockets large enough to contain 8 carrots, an iPhone 6 and a blue whale

Which one does you like the best? :D


HORZE breecers
Horze Grand Prix Steelgrey + B Vertigo Skylar + Horze Grand Prix Black + Horze Crescendo Desiree, all from Horze

breeches matilde brandt

CRW New Excellent + Annie Trend + Laura De Luxe Grip + Protection Fullgrip, from Hööks Europe, Horsemeup and Euro-Star