Welcome to the familiy, Iver

The madness! Yes, I bought a horse! Finally! Iver is a 3 years old Norwegian Dole Horse (Dølahest) and he is perfect. The Dole is a breed native to Norway – he’s a proper Viking horse! They are facing extinction, which is very sad, so I’m very happy to get a chance show the world what the awesome Norwegian horses can do! I have lots of plans for Iver. When he gets older we will hopefully be doing mounted archery, trick training, bridleless dressage, skill at arms and looots of other awesome stuff. But first: patience. Get to know each other. Take it step by step, slowly. We both have so much to learn and we have so many years to look forward to – why rush?
I have been trying to find a horse like him for a while now and am so happy I finally have our new familiy member here by my side.

He is after Nybakk Frøyar, one of my favorite stallions and is well built with long legs and proud movements. His trot and canter is amazing, he’s flying! He’s got the excellent honeybadger don’t give a shit-attitude and is smart, curious, willing and full of energy. He is safe and comfortable with his surroundings and had a great home with the previous owner. I really like this horse, and he’s been here for a few weeks already. It has been hard to keep it a secret but I wanted to wait untill every single detail was sorted out. I’ve actually been in the process of buying a horse since February. Will tell you everything about that later on!

Bat’s the best uncle and they are buddies already. Iver is 160 cm (15.3 hands) tall and is still growing a lot. Batman was 163 as a 5 year old so Iver is the perfect size. I can barely wait to see how he will develop during the next years. Thank you for all your congratulations! 


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