My first talk: Instagram success

My first talk: Instagram success

A few weeks ago, I stood on a stage and spoke to 180 marketing-people about Instagram, businesses and success.

A topic I have been passionate about for years. It was my first time on a stage, and it went great!

Most businesses in Norway do have an Instagram account, but the quality level varies. A lot. Many seems to struggle with adapting in the same tempo as the channel changes, and have no idea about what to do when they find themselves stuck in their 2015-strategy with zero comments and a way too low reach.

My best advice is to get out there and have a look at what the successful hobby-Instagrammers do. The business accounts have a lot to learn.

Most of them tend to fail with the basics, and I shared my best advice to get out of that «safe», but unhealthy bubble of «let’s continue doing what we have always been doing».

A huge thanks to my agency OMG and my awesome boss for challenging me, and to MFO for having us!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde




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