The legendary rainbow braid

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Weee! I finally had time and perfect weather to make the rainbow braid I’ve been talking a lot about, and it turned out great! The photos I posted on Instagram got 16,000 likes each so I guess you won’t say no to seeing more of them. But first, here’s how I did the rainbow braid:

  1. Plait a regular French braid, my favorite braid (works on most horses with natural mane)
  2. Create your design on the ground before attaching the flowers to the horse so you know which colors you will use
  3. Attach the Fleur À Cheval flower clips to the mane, they will stay on no matter what

I chose to make my braid with all the colors of the rainbow and the result looked stunning on Batman! So many vibrant colors in his jet black mane, a lovely combo. The flowers have metal clips on the back and I can easily attach 10 flowers in one minute. They stay on in wind, gallop and moose attacks.

My Fleur À Cheval-favs are the Hydrangeas, and Mustang Mint, Batman Blue, Painted Purple Thorougbred Turqoise are the colors I love the most. You can find them all HERE!

Enjoy the photos of my colorful masterpiece!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

1 thought on “The legendary rainbow braid”

  • Ok de er faktisk en smule veldig pene :p Også lyser opp Bat. Ville nok bare hatt blå sånne selv, fordi jeg elsker blå, og det er jo kjempepent med hele manen dekket av det.

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