Six common mistakes to avoid when you are riding bridleless

Six common mistakes to avoid when you are riding bridleless

Riding horses without a bridle or reins, with a so called neckrope or cordeo, is becoming more and more popular. I’m a huge fan of bridleless riding, and think most riders would learn a lot if they ditch the reins every now and then. But riding bridleless is not about simply removing the bridle!

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We all do mistakes, and that’s natural. Starting to ride bridleless is a journey – and you will be learning every single day. But in the beginning, it can be smart to keep this list in mind to make the process a little bit easier.

1. You are placing your cordeo higher to gain more control

I often see riders pull their neckrope waaay to high and then use it as a pain device to gain control. If you do so, you are so far from soft riding and equal communication as possible. This is an extremely vulnerable part of the horse’s throat! You can actually do damage to the arteries, and other vessels and pipes located in this area almost unprotected. Never place your neckrope higher because it makes the horse easier to ride. The neckrope are supposed to rest on the chest and only be used for seconds at the time, with a light hand. Every tool used wrong can easily be turned into a torture device.

Correctly placed cordeo and the anatomy of the horse’s throat.

2. You are removing the bridle on a horse who is not ready

Riding bridleless is not riding with a cordeo or neckrope, it is about riding with your body and seat as your primary aid, not using the rope to steer with. Simply taking off the bridle of a horse that has always been ridden with reins is dangerous. Learn more about how you can prepare a horse for bridleless riding here.

3. You are pulling the neckrope in frustration

Just because you are without reins, it does not mean that you can’t cause damage. A rope around the horse’s neck is a rope around its neck, so handle it with care. Pulling harder to make your horse stop won’t help. Never use force. Use a bridle with reins for safety and use the reins instead if needed.

cordeo neckrope

4. You are trying to ride in trot or canter before mastering the walk

The first time you are trying to ride without reins should be a shorter session with focus on walk and halt-transitions for light signals. Don’t run around. If you master the walk, you will also master the canter. Focus on the small, important things. Feel how the horse responds to your seat, and praise a lot when he willingly does a good halt for a very light signal. If you spend time in the beginning perfectioning the walk, canter an trot will be easy. If the first thing you do is to gallop around, you will lack a lot of perfection of signals later.

You’ll get to do anything you usually does bridleless as well pretty soon – don’t hesitate in the beginning.

5. You are not inside a safe area

The first times you are trying neckrope without a bridle on for safety, you should be inside an arena or paddock with fences – not on an open field or on a hack. All horses can spook. When you are going outside the arena for the first time – use a bridle with reins and let the reins rest on the horse’s neck. You can pick them up if you need them.

Hacking bridleless is a lot of fun – but behind this photo? Five years of hard, dedicated training.

6. You are constantly giving signals with the neckrope

When you ride with a neckrope, you should only lift the neckrope slightly for a few seconds when you give a signal, and then let it rest on the horse’s neck again. There are no need for having contact at all times. Give your signal, and release. Follow the horse’s movement with your body, and keep attention to its body language. That should be your main focus.

DSC_3726 copy


Do you ride bridleless?

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

11 thoughts on “Six common mistakes to avoid when you are riding bridleless”

  • Ah, I want to ride bridleless so bad! But the horse I’ve been working with for the last year is about to get sold. I wanted to work up to bridleless but I felt we just weren’t there, almost but not quite. But it doesn’t matter because I have to work with a new horse now.
    I’ve only been riding for a years I moreso feel I’m not ready. But I want to do Liberty so bad :_( do you have tips for new riders? Anything even plain ordinary bridle riding that will in the long run help me I prepare for liberty and bridleless?

  • This is why you are my favorite blogger of all time !
    You are always dealing with interesting subject and giving advices !
    I love your blog <3

  • I learned so much and I probably won’t attempt to neck rein at the moment as my pony is very young and quite green :)

  • Jeg har begynt så smått! Vi fokuserer bare på å stoppe og rygge for tiden, men svingingen blir bare bedre å bedre!:-D

  • I ride in a bitless because the mare I work with responds to it better. Less fighting and shes less tense. The warnings here apply to that as well. Too much pressure etc is more pain than communication. It took me a while to get her to that point. We are working towards a neck rope but she isn’t mine ( I just work her for the ranch) and this was a good list of things I need to keep an eye out for not doing ( neck rope too high etc) thank you.

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