Life With A Friesian Dream

Creative overload

I haven’t painted a thing since I was a child, but this night I simply had to try get something out of my head and down on the canvas. I had three colors available, sky blue, black and white, and only one larger brush, so I had to improvise a little bit along the way, haha. My hair is actually painted with spaghetti!

Do you like to paint?

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

matilde brandt painting3
matilde brandt painting
matilde brandt painting2matilde brandt painting4

Life With A Friesian Dream

Awesome equestrian artworks!

Have you heard about Trollfaxi Design? Well, now you have! Behind Trollfaxi Design is two Norwegian girls called Marthe and Bergljot, and they are both super-talented, young artists! They create amazing portraits of horses in their own, special style. I recently received a portrait of Batman, based on a photo of him, and IT IS SO COOL! I love all the hundred tiny details in it, and you can actually see the horse’s personality as well. It is so well made! I’m really, really impressed.

Their Instagram is @trollfaxi – give them a follow!

They do drawings of horses and other animals on commission, in a size of your own choosing. You can order your drawing on their Facebook-page. A perfect gift to any animal-lover, or something awesome to have in your own home. My Batman-portrait is hanging in my living room, and I think I actually will order one of him in movement as well ..

You will get 100 NOK off your order now if you use the code Batman100 :)

I support young, innovative artists, and recommend you to check them out ❤❤

trollfaxi design1 Trollfaxi design2 trollfaxi design3 trollfaxi design4

Life With A Friesian Dream

Amazing Batman-portrait by the talented artist Sarah Nylbäck

A couple of days ago I received an email with the most amazing drawing ever, a gorgeous portrait of Batman, based on a photo my friend Maria took earlier this year. When I first saw it I was actually sure it was the original photo in black and white! But it was not – it was a DRAWING! The most realistic drawing of Batman ever made, by the extremely talented Sarah Nylbäck from Sweden. How on earth is that even possible to draw such a realistic portrait? Even the fur is perfectly made!

I was stunned by this artwork, so I had to write a blog post about it. PLEASE click here and check out her art-Instagram Art_Sahara! I promise you, it will be worth it, she really deserve some attention!

Thank you so much for the beautiful drawing Sarah, your work is absolutely out of this world!

Peace, love and friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

batman_artwork_Sarah_Nylbäck1batman_artwork_Sarah_Nylbäck2batman_artwork_Sarah_Nylbäck3batman_artwork_Sarah_Nylbäck5 uten rammebatman_artwork_Sarah_Nylbäck4 uten ramme

(All photos except the original are copyrighted by Sarah Nylbäck. Please do not use them without her written permission.)

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