Life With A Friesian Dream

Aim for your goals


I’m having a little bit of stage fright right now, because today, my blog had 80 000 page views from all over the planet. THAT’S INSANE! I’m still in shock! I don’t know what to say – thank you so much for the support in a very important debate!

The sun suddenly appeared again a few weeks ago, so we decided to have a little archery-photoshoot! Batman is the most chill horse ever, and he LOVES my bow. In his opinion arrows are food, and archery is the best thing in the world. He will stay by my side and basically shoot together with me, haha. I guess he finds it fascinating! When I’m shooting from his back, he also knows when I hit the target, and when he can feel me aim, he will run smooth and stable.

It took me 1 minute to introduce him to archery :D Strong bow with sharp arrows + 700 kg war horse … DON’T MESS WITH US!

My henley is of course from  Alp-n-Rock /, my awesome sponsor who helps me making my dreams possible. I’m an proud ambassador for this brand, and recommend their clothing with all my heart! I have never worn so comfortable and stylish looking henleys before in my life, and I have a whole bunch of them! ❤ You will get 20% off their webstore by using the code INSTA20MATILDE :)

Where did you find my blog? Comment below and enjoy the photos!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde



Life With A Friesian Dream

Live to Ride


I LOVE all my Alp-n-Rock henleys! My number one favorite to ride in. My skin is really sensitive and I hate getting sweaty while riding and my clothes start to itch like hell. Worst feeling ever during a perfect dressage session! But that never happens with my beloved Alp-n-Rock henleys. They keep me warm and the fabric is both super-soft and comfortable, and stretchy – allowing you to move freely in your upper body when riding or working from the ground. I feel both comfy and feminine with these clothes. Perfect, huh?

born to ride alpnrock

Right now you get 20% off your favorites on using the code INSTA20MATILDE during checkout. If you are equestrian you will love the Dressage Henley, Jumper Henley and Ride To Ride Henley, which is my fav from Alp-n-Rock’s Equestrian collection ❤ And yep, they ship world wide!

Batman was awesome during this photoshoot, he did some great rears and even laid down in the end! I’m so in love with the result. The light, my outfit and Batman, it was all perfect!

Peace, love and Friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde

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Which photo is your favorite?

Life With A Friesian Dream

I see your true colors


But I see your true colors, shining through
I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

The result from a photoshoot Linn and I had earlier this year! I’m so in love with the colors in these photos! My gorgeous henley is of course from Alp-n-Rock. One of my favs, and so extremely comfy to wear! Batman behaved very good and I think the photos turned out great!

Grab your favorite on and get 20% off, use the code INSTA20MATILDE


Life With A Friesian Dream

Winter Is Coming


Winter is on its way here in Norway and it’s getting cold outside! Batmans energy level is rising, and he feels simply amazing nowadays. So much power in the training! Did you know that I teach him all new cues in the winter because of that? Haha!

Anyways, my boyfriend Daniel took some stunning shots of us the other day and the result turned out amazing! I had no idea I have been living with such a talented equine photographer for almost two years :P

I recently received my amazing new jacket from Alp-n-Rock / and I LOVE IT ❤ I’m wearing it every single day and it’s both warm and super-comfy! I hate working with Batman from the ground wearing huge winter jackets because it restricts movement. That’s unfortunate when I use body language and even the smallest cues are an important part of the communication. So my new jacket is absolutely perfect!

You can now get -20% off the entire Alp-n-Rock equestrian collection if you use the promo code INSTA20MATILDE, that will basically cover all my favorite clothes from their webstore. Check out the equestrian style HERE :) They ship worldwide!

Peace, love and friesian hugs,
Batman & Matilde